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Revised A*STAR Scholarship Criteria

These are the revised requirements for applicants pursuing the revised JC Curriculum.

Singaporeans, Singaporean Permanent Residents and ASEAN Nationals
Non-Singaporean successful applicants will be required to take up Singaporean citizenship

Academic Requirements
Candidates must offer at least 11 Academic Units or more.
They must have offered and obtained A grades in at least 3 H2 content based subjects out of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
They must have offered and obtained at least one H3 merit in a Science or Mathematics based H3.
SAT Requirements (2100 for SAT I and 1400 for SAT II) need not be fulfilled at the time of application, but candidate must eventually meet these requirements.

Non Academic
Candidates with the passion and excellence in science-related projects/activities will be preferred.

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Why do you think MM said what he said?

Have a read.  I think the writer has a point.

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Some light reading

Here’s some reading for you guys. e pur si muove takes a look at some of the recent issues in Singapore.

Namely, the weltschmerz of today’s youth and an alternate look at what the IMF/WB delegates thought.

Remember, awareness of issues and looking at alternative viewpoints is necessary. Then again, what makes a viewpoint alternative depends on where you stand on the issue.

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Straits Times Article on Scholarships (Or Reducing the Number of Them)

This should worry some students, though if you think it through properly, it only affects some people. What is your opinion? Why were there scholarships in the first place? Have those reasons changed?

Reducing the Number of Scholarships

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Should I stay or should I go?

Well, I guess its an inevitability that this question comes up in the mind of anybody studying abroad, so perhaps this little video (not made by me) will get you thinking.
The issues are not discussed in depth, since its a short video, its just a short exploration but it gets you thinking nonetheless.

What are the things that really make you come back to a place, or call a place home?  I can tell you its definitely not a house, though those who do not have housing will probably disagree with me.

Think about it.

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PSC now offers scholarships to study Medicine locally at NUS

Victorians, good news for aspiring doctors among you.

You can now apply to PSC for a Local Merit Scholarship to study Medicine at NUS.  From the looks of things, these are very competitive, so you will have to prove your mettle.

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Elections Aftermath

Well, since this is a school blog and we are just so good at self-censorship, I’ll try to walk the safe line as well as I can.

For all of you older than the IP2s (and including some of them), you will be voting in GE 2011, unless snap elections are declared.

I hear a lot of banter and interest from students in the elections, discussing issues and going-ons. And I’ve seen some of you at rallies, maybe you didn’t see me, but I noticed some of you there.

Politically apathetic? I’m not sure. Politically aware? Can’t really say that either.

The elections have come and gone. The issues have been debated, carrots dangled, votes cast and results announced.

What I am curious to find out is what left a great impact on you during this election, or even the fact that nothing really impacted you at all. Comment?

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Home Affairs Uniformed Services Associates Programme (HAP)

The Ministry of Home Affairs is organising their HAP programme again this year during the June vacation.

(In Brief) Key Features of the Programme Include:

  1. 3 day Outward Bound Training Session
  2. Attachment to the Home Team Departments
  3. Meeting Home Team Senior Management
  4. Considered for Internship

For a full colour brochure, please see any of the scholarships teachers.

Now the eligibility criteria:

1. At least 1 S paper

2. Gd CCA records (in both Sec School and JC)

3. Gd JC1 results

4. Gd O-level results

5. Gd NAFA results

6. Recommended by JC principal/scholarship teachers

Application Form

In addition to the completed form, students are also to submit a short paragraph on what they hope to achieve through this programme and why they want to attend. Please write this on a separate A4 paper.

The paragraph and the completed form are to be submitted to PIGEON HOLE 125 by MONDAY 8th May @ 8 am.

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More on Overseas Studies

The previous post, with its links to other blogs attracted a lot of attention.  I'm looking now for articles and testimonials located online, which are related to this subject.  Leave a comment if you have one.

For those considering overseas studies, a suggested series of things to think about.

  1. Why do I want to go overseas?  Think it through, be concrete about it, don't use the "broaden horizons" reason without elaboration, because its really vague. 
  2. What is it that attracts you?
  3. Have you thought it through clearly?  Or are you just one of those jumping on the bandwagon because its "cool" to go overseas? (And then come back and be somebody perceived to be well informed and generally anti-establishment? <- Not a good reason)
  4. What am I going to do there?  What concrete steps am I going to take to fully utilise this time?
  5. How often should I review where I am at and make changes to rectify the situation if necessary?
  6. Am I going to take concrete steps to be independent?  (I suspect you will be forced to do this anyway.)

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How do we gauge if our years overseas are well spent?

A series of readings recommended by a colleague from the GP department, he remains anonymous not because I don't give due credit, but I have a policy of not putting people's names up without their permission anyway. If you wish to know, just email me.
This post is heavy on reading, so do it while you are fresh and you have sufficient time on your hands.

It starts with a post by takchek, who discusses some of his experiences being a "typical overachieving Asian" whilst studying in the United States. Quite thought provoking.

Olandario's blog post also appears on takchek's blog, and has a very open-minded, non-judgmental opinion on the matter. I find it interesting, though I personally don't feel too comfortable with it because it seems to say that there should not be expectations on a person. I find it on a verge of a cop out.

There are also a couple of commentaries on the admissions process at US universities.

Note: They are commentaries, so read them as commentaries, judge them based on their arguments, decide for yourself if they are valid.

Commentary 1

Commentary 2

The post that triggered the responses can be found here. (Two versions)

Version 1

Version 2

You should all have a thought about what it is about an overseas experience that you value so much that you are devoting so much time and effort (even reading this blog is effort, thanks I applaud that!) to, giving up (presumably) your sleeping time, shopping time or recreational time.

Just what is it about going overseas that is so, if I may use the term, "romantic"?

My opinion? May come later (dependent on whether I find time), after you have read and digested.


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